Official International Fashion Event Helsinki Fashion Week™

Welcome to Helsinki Fashion Week, where international and nordic fashion meets.
Helsinki Fashion Week Group is a leading organisation making results on the internationalisation and export of Finnish fashion.
Bringing international fashion in Finland and to the Nordic countries from Asia, Africa , Latin America , Middle East and Europe.

HFW has been working in the fields of marketing, production as well as event planning to fundraising since 2014 with cooperators, partners and media worldwide. One of our main goals has always been to sent out a message of the uniqueness of Helsinki.
HFW Group supports new designers nationally and internationally. Helsinki Fashion Week creates networking events for the designers and partners to reach significant benefit and results for their brands.
Helsinki Fashion Week gathers an international group of press, buyers and other professionals in the field of fashion to Helsinki.

Helsinki Fashion Week focuses in 100% sustainable production and brands.
Finnish and international fashion followers worldwide tune in, to see the magnificent Helsinki Fashion Week event in Finland. Our mission is to
display the collections through fashion shows and installations, fashion performances and presentations that will provide insight in to the industry of fashion.
Helsinki Fashion Week organisation is managed by Nordic Fashion Week Organisation.


With support of our local and international collaboration HFW is becoming a gateway to the Nordic fashion, lifestyle, innovations and trends, that allows everyone to experience the diverse treasures of our home and neighbours like Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn and the rest of the globe.


Nordic Fashion Week Group is dedicated to offer you the best possible venue and programme to debut designers collections. Helsinki Fashion Week will make brand stories heard and seen by a desired audience around the world.


Helsinki Fashion Week is a non-profit organisation that is focused on the sustainable future. Our organisations main values are to be original and
free. Choose us if you want fresh ideas, ecologically produced fashion and real results.