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As a destination, Helsinki is like the younger sibling of other Scandinavian capitals: equally arty, but with a cutting-edge vibe and a naughty streak. What does that translate to in fashion terms? A penchant for sustainable fashion and strong sense of individual style. It is a bonus that it is all wrapped up in that Nordic charm which is at once subversive, minimal and undeniably slick. See Vogue’s edit of the best street-style looks from Helsinki Fashion Week below.
– Sam Rogers , British Vogue

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Helsinki Fashion Week ™ 2017

Back to the Future

Fashion & Technology

The third annual Helsinki fashion week, held in July 2017, takes a trip back to the future. The theme draws on the ideas of past decades and thoughts about the future and showcases how they can be and are utilised today.

Fashion changes in cycles and once in a while old trends are reintroduced from a fresh perspective. At the moment fashion is especially influenced by the 80’s and 90’s. In these decades the development of technologies was exponential and its impacts for the coming decades could only be guessed. In the film Back to the Future II (1989), the protagonist takes a journey through time to the year 2015.

The film displays future as a time when there are flying cars and smart clothing. Some of the inventions seen in the film have actually materialised, but in reality, the future is always slightly different than expected.

HFW 2017 continues the theme of the movie, but explores further how things have actually panned out, how technologies have been used and what has been achieved with these technologies.





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