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Social responsibility

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credits: @Bricscitykid What will be the consequences of the Chinese textile industry invasion in African countries? During recent years China has been expanding its clothing and textile industry to Africa


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Nina Perälä from the Nordic Fashion Week Association interviews Dirk Hofmann (Co-founder and CEO of DAIN Studios in Germany) and Majella Clarke (Analytics Strategist). DAIN Studios started up in March

Featured in Paper Magazine YULIA YEFIMTCHUK

Helsinki Fashion Week in collaboration with www.vogue.ua presented the designers below in the HFW Showroom concept 2016 1.       Flow the label 2.       Yulia Yefimchuk 3.       Yasya Khomenko  4.       Dzhus 5.       Yana Chervinska

ELLE KOREA & Soulpotstudio Fashion Week 2016

Read the latest Interview of the Soulpot Studio designer Sujinn Kim at Elle Korea December 16 issue AS A SELF-TAUGHT FASHION DESIGNER, SHE HAS TRAINED BY HERSELF BY STARTING HER BUSINESS

Helsinki Fashion Week 2017 Back to the future

The third annual Helsinki fashion week, held in July 2017, takes a trip back to the future. The theme draws on the ideas of past decades and thoughts about the

Showroom Designers 2016 in Collaboration VOGUE UA

Editorial produced and executed in Finland, Helsinki by Vogue Ukraine and Helsinki Fashion Week NFW Group The Finnish designers featured : marimekko.com onarstudios.com samuji.com juslinmaunula.com minnaparikka.com Photography Juha Mustonen(Finland) Style

Restaurant Kita

Restaurant Kita brings together Finland and Japan in their restaurants. Kita provides fresh sushi and other asian delicacies for Helsinki Fashion Week.

Cafe Chapman

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Cafe Chapman is a historic restaurant and café located in this year’s Helsinki Fashion Week’s venue, Suomenlinna.

It’s time for Organic Coffee

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Mokkamestarit is a sustainable coffee producer, which produces handcrafted and speciality roasted  coffee. Mokkamestarit will provide our visitors with great tasting coffee to keep energy up for the whole event. The


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The aesthetics and visual aspects are important for HFW. We are partnering with hair and makeup artists that use suitable products to make our models look good when they carry