This year, TwistBe is honored to be Helsinki Fashion Week’s first-ever official makeup and skincare

“It’s the first time since Helsinki Fashion Week was founded in 2014 that we have had an official makeup and skincare partner,” says Helsinki Fashion Week Founder Evelyn Mora. “In previous years, there seemed to be a lack of sustainable, reputable brands on the market. So, it is with immense pleasure that we partner with TwistBe to bear witness to the sustainability development in the beauty industry and ensure that their values are represented at fashion week.”

Now more than ever, consumers want transparency – transparency that will help them make more decisions based on their knowledge in health and wellness. We see all the time in blogs, articles and with the people we meet in our store that consumers are fed up with marketing, constantly being bombarded with gimmicky phrases that don’t really mean anything. This is unfortunately also true within the green beauty industy, and part of the reason TwistBe was founded.

When green beauty and eco-friendly values started gaining more popularity, a lot of greenwashing started to pop up. Suddenly everything on the shelves was marketed as “organic”, “toxic free”, or “natural”, without those values truly being reflected in the product and how it was made.

We at TwistBe are on a mission to make skincare more transparent. One of the ways we do this is through our online course in holistic skincare MySkincareCoach. We also put a great deal of effort into choosing what products to stock and sell in our shop.

In order for us to carry a product in our selection it must fulfill a list of criteria: everything from the manufacturing process to the end product needs to be The Way It’s Supposed to Be – TwistBe. We don’t sell products just because they are, for example, certified natural cosmetics or vegan. Each product and manufacturer has gone through a vetting process so that not only does our range consist of some of the cleanest, purest products, but also products that genuinely work and meet even the most critical consumer wishes. Read more about our product criteria here.

In the spirit of Helsinki Fashion Week 2018, we wanted to present to you our top five most sustainable cosmetic products. This will give you an idea of what to look for in products if you want to make better choices for yourself and the environment.

2018’s Top 5 Sustainable Cosmetic Products you should try

The products we’ve chosen represent uniquely sustainable organic ingredient sourcing, manufacturing processes, and packaging methods. They also happen to be some of our best- selling products, and for good reason! Here’s our top five:

1. Flow Cosmetics Shaving Soap
Cold-pressed to pack more active ingredients in each bar
Packaged in recyclable cardboard, making it a zero-waste product
Lasts significantly longer than shaving products that come in liquid, foam, and gel form
Handmade in Finland with sustainable, organic ingredients
Vegan and preservative free
Available from TwistBe

2. FINE Deodorant Cream
Long lasting and effective
A little goes a long way, so you won’t need to repurchase as often
Packaged in recyclable glass in an ethically-sourced reusable organic cotton bag
Handmade in Germany with 100% natural ingredients
Available from TwistBe

3. Henua Organics Illuminizing Moisturizer
Made with sustainable and nourishing ingredients like pine tree extract, sea buckthorn seed oil, cornflower flower water, and birch sap juice Produced locally in Finland, packaged in sustainable glass, wood, and recycled cardboard. A sustainbale luxury option for those willing to pay extra for a well-designed product that also contains the most high-quality ingredients

Pre-order available from Henua

4. Organic Essence Lip Balm
Packaged in a unique, biodegradable cardboard tube that gives you significantly more product than traditional plastic tubes USDA organic certified Made with nourishing, sustainable  ingredients like soothing shea and coconut butter
Available from TwistBe

5. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mousse Foundation
Packaged in a recyclable glass container that allows you to use 100% of the product
A long-lasting product that provides high coverage as well as SPF 28 Moisturizes the skin, eliminating the need to use a cream moisturizer base Made with 97.5% certified organic ingredients

Available from TwistBe

Here are a few tips that will help you green your beauty routine:

– Use less

We often use much more product than we need. Pay attention and be mindful during your routine to use just as much as you need. You can also simplify your routine by choosing only the products you need and those that are best-suited for your skin. Consider using concentrated products, like shampoo bars, to get more bang for your buck.

– Read the labels

Reading a product’s ingredients list is the only real way to know what it contains. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn to help you decode ingredient lists quick and accurately. If you want to learn more about how to read product labels, MySkincareCoach is a great place to start.

– Avoid potentially harmful ingredients that overload your body and the environment

Choose products that contain the good stuff. Be on the lookout for ingredients that our bodies don’t
need and those that aren’t environmentally-friendly (like plastics, for example).

– Recycle!

Recycle your empties: we can significantly reduce the waste be produce by paying more attention to what we can recycle. Whether it’s glass, plastic, or paper, put in the extra effort to make sure your finished products make their way into the proper receptacle. And try to buy products that use recycled packaging, too!