While digital fashion is moving faster, physical fashion is slowing down. Helsinki Fashion Week showcases what slow fashion and craftsmanship can look like in our physical reality.

Helsinki Fashion Week will return to in-person fashion shows for its 2022 edition, focusing on craftsmanship and slow fashion. The future of sustainable fashion consists of valuing our resources and building new habits towards a circular economy while expressing ourselves more freely than ever.
By freeing ourselves from expectations, by redefining a must-have as something we actually need and by reconnecting with past ways of repairing and reusing, we are creating a frame for a sustainable future.

Designer of the Year, Jean Gritsfeldt, is a Ukrainian designer embracing craftsmanship and sustainability in his work with innovative everyday products. Jean Gritsfeldt uses bio-based, recycled fibers and deadstock fabric.
“We are starting a movement. Designing a better future. It is the message of celebrating life, freedom of choice, lightness and playfulness. We create our products with smart technology and use as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible.” – Jean Gritsfeldt

In addition to Jean Gritsfeldt, Helsinki Fashion Week will work as a platform for Ukrainian brands, such as Chereshnivska, and showcase sustainable brands focusing on craftsmanship, such as Boie&Bill and 7585.

The physical fashion week will be held in Helsinki, Finland on August 5-7.