Fashion is a reflection of what is happening in real life. The actions and thoughts of individuals have an increasing impact on today’s fashion industry, and social changes on a community level can be recognized on the runways of fashion weeks. What does this mean for the future of fashion?

Helsinki Fashion Week 2023 will focus on the growing interconnectedness within the industry. By reducing the gap between digital and physical fashion and by reacting more clearly to sustainability demands from consumer communities, this interconnectivity will bring fashion closer to the consumer.



Community and sustainability are visibly becoming essential pillars for the future of fashion. These values also remain the core of Helsinki Fashion Week.

In addition to its sustainability requirements for selected designers, Helsinki Fashion Week will focus on showcasing artists with innovative designs and production processes that contribute to the circular economy by creating a standard where repairing and alteration are more accessible and promoted.

The 2023 edition of Helsinki Fashion Week will also lead the way into a socially more sustainable fashion week culture by prioritizing inclusion throughout the production and fashion shows, bringing more attention to mental health and representation.

Helsinki Fashion Week 2023 will be the ninth annual sustainable fashion week held in the capital of Finland.

20-23 July
Helsinki, Finland










On the Digital Village, you will have the opportunity to (URL) wear the clothes in cyberspace. (IRL) pre-order the looks in real life and finally to claim an asset on the blockchain, use it, trade it, and exchange.

Our event goes further to brashly ask the needed questions surrounding garment production in the era of fast fashion and greenwashing; along with addressing the physical and mental wellbeing of the consumers of our showcased garments, to truly move into an inclusive all-encompassing space. Digital Village presents this information to consumers, buyers, and producers in
order to help them consciously make the informed choices that ultimately affect us all as a global community.

Any product, service, or information can be openly and transparently be traced on the network. All interactions and ownership inherently attached to a product’s identity are accessible by anyone, from the creation onwards, all along its lifecycle. Every user joining Digital Village will have an opportunity to create a fully owned, pseudonymous, and decentralized
universal profile created on the network. These digital profiles also represent universal logins across all the applications and marketplaces built.

The many creases of the current Fashion landscape can be ironed out in unique ways. We at Helsinki Fashion Week will demonstrate how technology can be used to help us express our values in order to achieve real transparency and accountability in the IRL supply chain.

Digital certificates for physical and digital goods are unique, and enable continuous record-keeping, from the creation throughout a product’s lifespans, consequently allowing the identification of ownership alongside and shaping its value and attributes over time allowing the emergence of new interlinked and collaborative market spaces.

Different currencies and tokens, embodying different types of values (economical, social, psychological, and functional values), will be able to coexist and to be exchanged across markets securely and transparently on Digital Village.

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15 international sustainable designers have been selected to take part in our Designer Residency Program which will launch the 6th edition of Helsinki Fashion Week. During the residency, designers will collaborate and work together and focus on transparency, collaboration, and will reuse materials to create their entire collections.

Communication is a two-way street and by sharing insights and information by engaging with the community through cyberspace and the documentary series, we create experiences and access to embrace diverse ways of doing, sharing, knowing, and learning about what sustainability really means and how is it being implemented.

To scale our vision and impact across industries, we partnered with experts from a range of disciplines, including science, technology, and innovation who will be joining the residency as mentors. Visit Digital Village YouTube Channel to watch the videos.



We are moving forward with our existing knowledge and becoming responsible in cyberspace, focusing on digital sustainability and taking into consideration the opportunities and threats large-scale automation presents, the social sustainability aspects affecting the mental and physical health but also the design process.

Focusing on sustainability from the very start, we are now taking sustainability to a whole new environment. We are using digital tools to strengthen our digital community, experience, and connection but most importantly letting our creativity run wild as there are no limitations in cyberspace.

In 2020 Helsinki Fashion Week is partnering with Normative and other tech partners to audit the activity of the event to set data and fact-based targets for the rest of the industry. Focusing on action, HFW will once again set the example and record to inspire the industry to follow.

Helsinki Fashion Week
Press Release

Helsinki Fashion Week ‘20
######## ######
Press Release

WWD USA : “Helsinki Fashion Week rising in the ranks” Read the full “Green Team”
article here.


“Helsinki Fashion Week also recognises the importance of connecting the audience to a brand and has acknowledged this by creating an in-depth space for designers to present not only their collections but brand values. This goes somewhat further than a three-minute catwalk show and a paper press release.”
“We have changed how we consume, so the need for fashion week has changed, too. Perhaps the purpose hasn’t, but the way we approach it has changed, so it’s only natural
that fashion week’s format changes.”


2nd August 2019

“With its inclusive concept, the activities of different ages, races, religions and genders were organized inside and outside the show. Some of the most Sustained fashion brands unveiled at this year’s Helsinki Fashion Week.”


3rd August 2019

“A week has passed since Helsinki Fashion Week 2019 – the most sustainable fashion week in the world – came to an end. While Finland may not seem like a likely fashion capital to rival the usual suspects, it’s more […]”


19th of April 2019

“The City of Helsinki has been doing an amazing work to bring China closer. For example by creating a new ‘silk road’ from China via Helsinki to the rest of the world with direct flights. […] ”


Helsinki Fashion Week is unlike any other. The Nordic event spotlights
sustainable designers from around the world,thereby drawing an
unconventional crowd of stylish locals and overseas guests. HFW unveiled a
new Eco Village.

7月20日~25日の期間、フィンラ ンドの 首都ヘルシンキで開催され たファッショ
ンウィーク。ストリー トは、スカーフの アレンジ術や涼 しげなコットンドレスな
ど、個性 が光るサマースタイルに溢れて い た。VOGUE JAPAN

The style codes of the 90s dominate the street styles of the Finnish capital during the Helsinki Fashion Week.

Fashion in Finland is fierce – not only because of its serious commitment to sustainability. This week, Helsinki Fashion Week became the first sustainable showcase of its kind.
Sam Rogers

Размеренность образа жизни
Финляндии чувствуется даже в том,
как местные светила моды и
журналисты предпочитают
одеваться во время Недель моды.

Read the Vogue Korea front page news about Helsinki Fashion Week and the Eco Village concept in 2018 and the new generation.