Official International Fashion Event Helsinki Fashion Week™

Welcome to Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW), where international and nordic fashion meets.
Helsinki Fashion Week is part of Nordic Fashion Week Association, who is a leading organisation making results on the internationalisation and export of sustainable fashion, bringing international fashion into Finland and to the Nordic countries from Asia, Africa , Latin America , Middle East and Europe, and vise versa. Visit NFW Association website from here :

HFW is recognized for our work in marketing, production, event planning and fundraising since 2015 with public and private sector worldwide. One of our main goals has always been to send out a message of the uniqueness of Helsinki, driven by the values of nature and innovation. Throughout time, Helsinki has been the birth-place for great ideas, collaborations and progress, and we look to continue the tradition.
HFW supports designers and brands nationally and internationally. We create networking events for the designers and partners to reach significant benefit and results for their brands.
HFW gathers an international group of press, buyers and other professionals in the field of fashion to Helsinki.

Helsinki Fashion Week focuses 100% to support sustainable production ,brands and companies.
Finnish and international fashion followers worldwide tune in to see the globally recognized Helsinki Fashion Week event every July in Helsinki.
Our mission is to display the collections through fashion shows and installations, fashion performances and presentations that will provide insights to the industry and state of fashion.

With the support of our local and international community, HFW is a co-creator of Nordic fashion, lifestyle, innovation, and trends that allow everyone to experience sustainable lifestyles.

Helsinki Fashion Week  is dedicated to offer the best possible venue and programme to debut designers collections and the emerging topics around sustainability. We make brand stories heard and seen, and only collaborate with partners and service providers who support fair resources, practices and employment.

Helsinki Fashion Week is a non-profit NGO focused on sustainable future. Our main values are to be original and free. Choose us if you want fresh ideas, ecologically produced fashion and real results.