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Helsinki, Finland March 2019

The 2018 edition of Helsinki Fashion Week was a significant year due to its pioneering approach with the Eco Village concept; a concept which demonstrated the connection between fashion and
the circular lifestyle. The Eco Village concept awoke the interest of governments and companies, and activated a number of ongoing development collaborations both with the public and private sectors.

The SS’20 edition held in Helsinki will dedicate the runway again to global sustainable designers and brands selected based on their resource efficiency and innovative material sourcing. Our decision for this year was to only invite collections made from non animal-derived leather, which sparked a wide reaching and long needed dialogue across the global fashion industry. We experienced how much of an impact our platform can make, and were motivated by the support echoed from major industry names. We understood the interconnectedness between fashion and other industries and have since engaged in collaborations across a number of different fields.

This year Helsinki Fashion Week takes place from 19th – 22nd of July 2019 in a self-sustaining environment, an environment which translates utopian visions into practical realities. Moving beyond the village to existing infrastructures within the city, this modern space of interconnectedness will set an example of what a self-sustaining city would look like and how it functions. The ecosystem built in the city will blur the lines between elements that have been previously removed from metropolises and our (everyday) vision. Challenges regarding the everyday pillars of clothing, food, energy, water, and waste are brought together in one place, and solved in line with the rules of sustainability.

The platform presents a landscape where future materials and solutions are presented with case examples of future developments and already-commercialised products. It provokes interactions and understandings of the connection between an individual and the surrounding landscape. Our approach to fashion is holistic and emphasises the importance of local sustainability. By looking from the perspective of the individual, we provide a personal experience of circular living.

“Fashion has inspired us to solve global scale challenges. We are questioning everything, prioritising our individual well-being, starting from our inner conflicts to solve the collective challenges surrounding social sustainability. We want to blur the old man-made lines to create new paths, we need to be creative and work together. Climate change is bigger than a fashion week, bigger than the fashion industry, and that is why we need to approach the climate challenge from a multi-disciplinary angle.” – Evelyn Mora, Founder Of Helsinki Fashion Week.

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