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To the community and beyond: Helsinki Fashion Week
2021 is a consumer-based guide to sustainability

The 2021 Helsinki Fashion Week introduces the community to the community. The focus is shifted from businesses to consumers and the result is an inclusive programme showcasing sustainability at the grassroots level.

Communication leads to transparency and transparency leads to sustainability. The relationship between businesses and consumers as we know it today is one-sided. In order for both parties to
reach their full sustainable potential, businesses and consumers have to actively interact and communicate. This is why Helsinki Fashion Week now hands over the mic to the consumers, and
encourages everyone to listen.

The community will come together in the form of live streams. We might get a glimpse into favorite vintage finds, the best recipes for reducing food waste, or maybe we will attend a dance class from home. Anything is possible as the only limit is your imagination.

The program application will be open to all. The Helsinki Fashion Week team will curate the perfect blend of consumer-based content to form the Helsinki Fashion Week of 2021. Meanwhile, Artist of the Year, Gab Bois, will show the way to innovative and aesthetic sustainability.

Helsinki Fashion Week will balance out the power distance between businesses and consumers, and let sustainability take its natural form by asking the consumers:
What is it you really need?

Helsinki Fashion Week 2021 will be held August 19-23
Join us on Instagram @helsinkifashionweekofficial