MAC-U-LA What do you know about Albinos?

Home / HFW News / MAC-U-LA What do you know about Albinos? AW16 was built on a concept of ambiguity and anonymity, the main focus being on the beauty in what was once viewed as ‘ugly’. This led into the study and deeper look into albinism and the beauty it carries forth in the form of fragility, marked with the beauty of individuality.
The research phase brought along a beautiful film called Moshanyana, which revealed a beautifully depicted albino boy with a freckled face. This in turn evoked the further exploration into the beauty ‘slur’ mark – freckles. The aim was to showcase garments that represent debility; yet while bringing form to function, portraying a travelled journey symbolising the constant travel of a person (albino) carrying ‘the other’; constantly searching for their placement within society. AW16 as a collection played with muted tones ‘impressioned’ with personal markings inspired by freckles on a milked face; opaque silks over meltons, layered three dimensionally, fooling the eye to what is and what is not. It is a play on the obscurity and juxtaposition of beauty.