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The Digital Village is a cyberspace embracing connection culture where all fashion, buying, showing, and networking are interlinked. Its users represent a node on one open platform built to educate, facilitate collaboration, and inspire. The Digital Village is aiming to break free from national and traditional restrictions. It focuses on creating an international and inclusive, culture friendly, and open community of interdisciplinary creatives that connect through global culture.

The Big Vision enables a 3D social network that focuses on Democratising Data and gives creative individuals access to the tools they need to collaborate, show, and create.
The Digital Village gives its users a sense of accomplishment where the entire experience of the User is being designed for the Benefit of the User. The Digital Village does not prioritize monetary value over the value of the User’s sustainable experience and wellbeing. Instead, the platform approaches Monetary Value as a tool to further empower its Users to create Collective Prosperity. The meaning of value is redefined, allowing the Villagers to develop, showcase, and manage their assets, taking our IP and the digital goods market into the Next Age.

The Digital Village is a supportive and collaborative platform, built to create long-lasting relationships between its Community Members. This new online society, with new rules and paradigms, provides an opportunity for the new Gen to shape the creative field to fit Sustainability Values. Users can export the digital world’s vision and tools back into the real world, simultaneously shaping the ‘In Real Life’ (IRL) industry on becoming more transparent, collaborative, traceable, efficient, and, most importantly, sustainable in all its meanings.

The Digital Village UX is designed by multidisciplinary visionaries, including information architects like Peter Morville, IRL architects, 3D designers with support, and participation of University College of London Founding Director of MSc Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings, Marcella Ucci. Together with architects and designers DaeWha Kang Design.

The project is lead by the producer and creative director behind the Digital Village, HFW Founder Evelyn Mora. Working with the partners of the Helsinki Fashion Week, Mora will chart User sentiment along with analyzing a number of User experiences, in an attempt to foster the importance and sense of community, and inspire openminded, and receptive individuals.

The aim is to take everything into consideration: from sound, color, text, and the duration factor, all the while addressing any disabilities individuals may have. Embedded at the heart of this platform are values of transparency, social equality, and collective effort.

All the users will be getting their very own “Digital Passports” attached to the blockchain, User Profiles, and HFW will follow their corresponding Digital Footprints. Together with its partners, HFW will be able to analyze the Digital Footprints of Users.

The Collected Data will be analyzed in realtime to respond and synced with the mindset of the User, in other words, helps by asking the User questions and adapts the User’s experience accordingly. HFW will measure the delta of the conversations and experiences before and after the Fashion Shows to understand how the Users are affected and how the state of mind of the User is shifted. The mission is to evoke sustainability and understanding of how sustainability can be transmitted and implemented in the Digital Environment.

HFW, with its partner Normative, is auditing and measuring the social and environmental impact of creating the Digital Village and the entire HFW 2020 season; and comparing it to the Data gathered from the HFW EcoVillage IRL edition. All the HFW partners are committed to contributing to an open Digital Sustainability report created by HFW: a one of a kind report which will be shared publicly with all industry actors and the Digital Village community.

The HFW platform is a living organism — “a microcosm of industry changes with our very own microclimate”. Helsinki Fashion Week is focusing on the root challenges surrounding sustainability and addressing the core issues of our currently unsustainable world. Some of these challenges include poverty, social inequality and exploitation, modern slavery, racism, and the shortcomings of the global educational system.

If these aspects are not addressed and tackled, there are not many chances for us to realize our full potential as a Human Species and reach a state of sustainability in its many senses. The environmental un-sustainability — destruction and plundering — is alarming and has demonstrated that public and private institutions lack the ability to navigate the waves of the change.
The only constant in life is change, and these waves of change all institutions must learn to navigate. As a human species we have evolved, we have tremendous access to information. If the outdated ways are forced onto the newly evolved generation, there will eventually be a global conflict that the institutions won’t be able to control.

Tackling these challenges and navigating these waves of change means redirecting our resources and thoughts to learn to lead with our values for personal and collective wellbeing.
Adapting to the change and accepting the fact that our society will keep changing, by uniting to the same frequency, we will be able to reach our required potential in order to be able to master and tackle the challenges brought our way. Only then will we be able to evolve further.

The Digital Village has grown a lot as a concept and has been helped immensely by the partners and tech solutions who have come on board to make it into a reality.

The Digital Village in 2020 is built to carry the shows of the Selected global sustainable designers fashion shows, which will be created entirely in 3D. Besides 3D scanning of the IRL models and creating the 3D planets and environments for each show by the HFW creative partner NDA Paris and Soldats films, each look is designed by the traditional sustainable designer.

We started the digitalization of the collections of the selected designers from the patterns created by the conventional designers, which are then sent to Scotomalab, the official
Digital Atelier partner of HFW, which produces every single look in detail from stitches to buttons.

Additionally, all the selected designers have one collaborative look, which will be closing their shows. The finale look has been co-created in collaboration with over 20 international 3D designers. The interdisciplinary creatives collaborated and invented complete looks that will show just how much potential and value collaboration can create.

“Things change because we evolve. Change is the most natural thing in the world. But because we are resistant to change, it creates friction. The friction exists because of different agendas. The big vision and values must act as our compass in leading all activities in the world. It is hard, and it requires a lot of work to lead your organizations by your values, but it is the only way to create real value. All of the entrepreneurs should ask themselves now, “What Kind Of Reality Do I Contribute To?” – Evelyn Mora

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