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HFW is the most sustainable fashion week in the world. We are thriving for changing the fashion industry and the mindset of the consumer towards more sustainable way. For HFW sustainability is not only a value, it guides the whole production of our Event. Since Suomenlinna belongs to the Unesco World Heritage list, we want to take care and cherish the history and environment of our beautiful venue. These aspects considered we have chosen partners who share our values and state of mind.

Our partner Finnmirror is a family-owned company that considers ecological questions and other aspects of sustainability in their business. As the theme of the event is Nordic Reflections it was natural to partner with a company that provides the event with reflections. The venue presents the Nordic style with its minimalistic and rustic décor and Finnmirror’s mirrors reflect this to the audience.

HFW cooperates with Out of the Dark to create atmosphere and interior decoration for the venue. OOT-DRK is an interior design shop based in Helsinki that has a passion for design and the stories behind it. In their store OOT-DRK has a Pop Up shop that presents a new designer every month.
They want to give a chance for fresh designers to sell their products and gain visibility in the industry. HFW shares the mindset of OOT-DRK and rootes for the emerging designers and fashion cities

The amazing flower arrangements in HFW are created by Jouni Seppänen from Runebergin Kukka Dan Ward. Jouni Seppänen has almost 40 years of experience as a florist and Runebergin Kukka is the highest quality florist in Finland.
Runebergin Kukka will provide HFW with spectacular flower art that suits the atmosphere of a fashion event.